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The Beautiful Jewel.... Syria

I am not here to talk politics. That doesn’t happen on my pages or my articles I write. I am a lover of humanity who wants to see the world through the lenses of love peace and wellness.

It feels good to share my photos. It allows me to revisit moments with you. Many of these photos are from villages in the El Wadieh a smaller countryside outside of Homs. Maybe these photos will surprise you, as Syria to the eye can be different than you might have imagined it to be.

When I look around at the greenery in the Syrian countryside, there’s such an aura of peace and tranquility. You forget where you are, or how far you traveled from home. You hear the birds chirping, crickets making the funny sound that crickets do. There is a hint of spices in the air and a warm welcomed breeze. Beautiful olive trees for miles and miles with fields, and mountains in the area of Safita.... This is Syria.

Syria is home to many historical monuments Dated back to the very beginning of time. From the crusader days and the Roman empire. Even from biblical times of John the Baptist, it is all here, represented in historic Syria. Pictures below are pictures of Crac des Chevaliers (Qal'at Al Hosn).

*****Be sure to click on the pictures to see in full view****

Let’s talk the food. That is a topic I love to diving into. In all my years as a dietitian I have NEVER tasted better fruits and vegetables. I can't describe it because it’s something you must experience. I will share that in my opinion the reason the food tastes so good is because they do not use the chemicals to mass produce like we do in the states. They don’t have airplanes that spray the food and they don’t use fertilizer that effects the taste and nutrient value of the crop. So just about everything you bit into is full of flavor, juicy and delicious!

Since the war has ended, I have not been into the cities other than Tartous. I went to Syria in 2018 and the spring and summer of 2019. Before this time, I was last in Syria in 2010. It was so nice to see familiar faces of those I love. I was happy to see the old churches and castle were still standing and that while the building can be restored, I do realize memories and time cannot be replace. This is all I will say on the subject! Here are some pictures of famous historical sites, just hover over the picture to view the name!

This summer my hope is to make it into the city. I wasn’t planning on starting a travel blog but seeing that I travel so often showing and sharing how you can live healthy pretty much anywhere you plant your feet.

I will be sure to show you more of the places my feet are walking as my eyes experience the beauty of the world around me. Looking forward to sharing my workouts with you live from the villages, cities and the beaches.

Wellness that works....

Syria is home to some of the most amazing sunsets my eyes have seen. If you love sunsets then you will appreciate these beautiful pictures I captured.

In my bias opinion the Syrian culture is one of if not the warmest and hospitable cultures I have the honor and pleasure have to say I am a part of. I am a Syrian woman who loves to travel and share my experiences with you all. Thank you for stopping by and reading my article on my beloved Syria.


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