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Are You Cramping Your Style!

As we shift into the spring and summer, we don’t just change the way we dress or the activities we can now do outdoors, but our nutritional needs change too. One of the most important changes and but often overlooked is hydration. The importance to stay hydrated even if its not super-hot outside.

We tend to move more when the weather is warmer. The fall and winter months can be more sedentaryleading to stiff joints and more arthritic issues whereas the spring summer months tent to bring moresore muscles from lack of winter use and dehydration because many don’t realize the need to up your water intake.

Age can also be a factor. Your age affects how well your body can balance water and salts, and asyou get older, you store less water. If you are storing less water and you are an active person youcould not be giving your cells what they need, causing dehydration and fatigue.

Water in food also counts....

Fruits are a great way to stay hydrated as they do contain water. My two favorites are watermelon and grapes. Grapes are also fantastic frozen and are low in calorie, added bonus.

For vegetables Cucumber and lettuce have the highest water content of any food - a massive 96 percent. Tomatoes are also packed with water - they’re about 95 per cent water.

Just adding some salad or choosing protein style (lettuce wrapped) sandwich or burgers can up yourhydration levels up.

**FUN FACT~ Adding lemon or lime to your water not only helps with the fatty acids in your digestive system but also helps to support the digestive process so you experience less bloating**

I also recommend staying away from salty, fried and fatty foods because they tend to dehydrate.Signs you need to increase your water intake as needed to avoid serious issues. Yellow urine – urine willbe darker in color when dehydrated.

 muscle cramps.

 Headache

 Dry mouth

 Fatigue.

 Less urination.

 Light-headed or dizzy

 Constipation

Listen to your body. It will guide you. Think of hydration like a lifestyle change.

Hydrate your life.
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