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The Fat Loss Method

THE FAT LOSS METHOD: Signature Self-Led Program & Meal Plan


With so many nutrition books and diet-focused books on the market, it can be hard to find an approach that fits your lifestyle and helps you to understand your body's needs when it comes to fat loss and healthier eating.


Some nutrition books read like a dense textbook and can leave you bored and often more confused than before! What studies have shown us is that most diets fail because of the effect it has on the body's metabolism, slowing it down due to restricted dieting! The fat loss method is written to help you lose weight but also increase your metabolism. Teaching you how to effectively lose weight


If you are seeking a nutrition-focused program with useful tips, recipes, evidence-backed claims, and educational commentary from an experienced Nutritionist and Dietitian this is for you!


In this amazing weight loss and metabolic program, we break down everything you need to take control of your health by adopting new behaviors in your day-to-day life. NOT massively changing everything, but small incremental changes that are proven to be effective.


The beauty of this program is that if you don't want to follow the meal plans in a group, or there is not a community group running, you don't have to. Simply pick and choose your recipes to create your weekly meals and follow the daily guide provided for you.  The meal plans can interchange with each other using the exchange charts!


The best part!

You also will be working directly with Rachel. By purchasing this program you have access to Wellness Within and the Fat Loss Method or Metabolic Boost private groups! Having support and accountability helps to create those daily behaviors that trip us up in our pursuit of living healthier!


Here's what's included in your program:

  • The Fat Loss Method Program: A 52-page guide on everything you need to kick-start your fat loss journey while improving your health and Metabolism at the same time. Includes a BONUS meal plan; called the FAT LOSS SHRED to begin.
  • 28-Day Meal Plan: Included are recipes for 28 days including a meal plan, shopping lists, and an introduction guide for 4 different diet styles: Clean Eating, Paleo, Metabolic boost, and Vegan.

The Fat Loss Method



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