The Fat Loss Method 3 meal plans in one
  • The Fat Loss Method 3 meal plans in one


    With so many Nutrition books and diet-focused books on the market, it can be hard to find an approach that fits your lifestyle and helps you to understand your body's needs in relation to nutrition and wellness.  That said, some nutrition books read like a dense textbook and can leave you bored and often more confused than before!  For those seeking a nutrition-focused book with useful tips, Recipes, and evidence-backed claims, and educational commentary from an experienced Nutritionist and Dietitian this is for you! Nutrition is a broad study that is constantly evolving, so there are many ways to approach it. With this book it's broken into chapter series with interchangeable recipes.

    You get the broken down what exactly to eat when. If that’s too hardcore you go with the meal plan with recipes to create your weekly meals and both interchange with each other using the exchange charts!

    You get the break down of nutrition and its process. You also work directly with Rachel in her Wellness Within and Fat Loss Method private groups! Having the support and accountability helps to create those daily behaviors that tricks us up in our pursuit to living healthier!

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      The Clean Eating, Paleo  and Vegan meal plans and nutrition info pdf booklets will be emailed 24 hours post purchase! 

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